Saturday, June 4, 2011

Broken Heart Quotes, Poems And Ever Best Broken Heart Image Collection

Captivated by the honest lies
of our fair fouled fantasies,
the sound seas
ease away the aches
of the roaring ocean
with the silent screams
that wake the wild dreams
of reality,
when beautiful nightmares
kiss away the tormenting horrour
of this dark cage of the night
filled with the black clouds of humour,
sad rage of anger
raves the heart that heats in vain
for time heals no pain.
Lost in the storm
of heavy heart-felt tears
river banks of agony
never run dry
for each tear drop
dimes the riches
of the myth that
leads a heart in love
'happily ever after'
the dream that forever wakes
to die and never lives long.
Broken Heart Images

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Broken Heart Image Quotes


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  5. Is it just me, or it's really true that when you're broken hearted, it seems like all the broken heart quotes are meant for you and can describe the pain you're currently going through. It's just simply sad :(

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