Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cry My Beloved.


The trees were green when summer falls,

The rivers of waters, in spring flowed,
The birds nestled in winter snows,
The harmony of nature, beauty showed,
These were the days, yesteryear we long for,
Cry my beloved for the day last past is gone.

To the young, tell your history of bloodshed,
To the youth, tell the tears of the stories untold,
To the elderly, tell the story of their bravery,
To the leaders,............., be silent for the truth is not a friend,
Cry my beloved, for our falling tears to be heard.

You were made pregnant by our corrupt fathers,
You were made to abort the seed of goodness,
The vultures, the night owels, suck the milk of your breasts,
The children of your womb feed on bitter waters,
Cry my beloved, for crying frees the heart,
Cry my beloved, till we drop the last of our tears,
Cry my beloved, nature will fight the enermy,
Cry my beloved, the sound of your crying, our prayers,
Cry my beloved country, freedom is a struggle.

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