Friday, April 8, 2011

Life is Unfair But Don't feel Alone I am always with you To make you smile.

 As you know life is unfair
 so what???? if life is unfair?
 Cryng is not solution .Don't Cry
 Don't feel lonely
 You Can feel I am Always Around you
 You can heal on me, Let me give you a hug
 Listen to me my dearest
 My Heart Always beat with ur heart beats we are two bodies but a single soul.
 I can't see tears coming out from your beautiful eyes.. so please don't cry
 Smile always as u look the most beautiful girl in world when you are smiling
 Time is not same always happines and sadnes is written in our luck if today you are sad for sure tomorrow happines is waiting for you.
 If today is night of sorrow in your life
 There wil be a morning of happines soon
 Time never stops .... So wait for good times.
 There wil be joy in your life that you will enjoy your days and nights.
 So always Be Strong
 Be a Strong girl
 Be Brave my you are a Ideal Personality always
 I am with you to share your happy moments and sad moments always
 Call me when ever you feel alone i wil be beside you. I PROMISE.
 I wil walk with you holding your hands
 As i promise you that i am with u always
 Believe me there wil be no miracle but you must try to find happines on ur own
 Look into my eyes how much care and love i have for you
 And i wana see u a strong women in future
 So Sweet Heart Life is Beautiful look it with my eyes as i look my world is nice when you are with me
Let me give you a kiss with love and passion
All i am doing is only to make u smile so please don't forget to smile!!!

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