Tuesday, April 19, 2011

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Am Nothing Without Your Love

I Am Nothing Without Your Love

When i came to you , i had nothing .,
Then you offered me your heart , and i had everything .,
I could feel your soul within mine .,

.... My life had meaning ....
You became my only reason for being .,
You were my dawn in the morning .,
You were my single star on a clear night .,
You were the scent of roses in the garden .,
You made my life as fresh as the air after a spring rain .,.

.... You made me a life ....
Without you , i feel empty .,
My morning is without it's dawn .,
My night without it's star .,
My soul has no companion without your love .,

together we are everything
together we have meaning
together we are one ....

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Have You Ever Love A Women???

to really love a woman ,
to understand her ,
you gotta know her deep inside , hear every thought , see every dream ...
give her wings when she wants to fly .,
then when you find yourself lyin' helpess in her arms .,

when you love a woman ; you tell her that she is really wanted ,.
when you love a woman ; you tell her that she is the one ,.
when you love a woman ; you tell her that she is beauty ,.
'cause she needs somebody to tell her that it's gonna last forever .,

so , tell me have you ever really really really ever loved a woman ??.
to really love a woman ; let her hold you , til you know how she needs to be touched .,
til you can feel her in your blood ,
when you can see your unborn children in her eyes .,

when you really love a woman ; you got to give her some faith , hold her tight ,,
a little tenderness gotta treat , her right .

she will be there for you , takin' good care for you ,....

Monday, April 11, 2011

Because Love is For me.

for all those times you stood by me,
for all the truth you made me see,,
for all the joy you brought to my life,,
for all the wrong that you made right,,
for every dream you made come true,,
i will be forever thankful baby,,
you're the one who held me up,,
never let me fall,,
you're the one who saw me through, through it all,,
you were my strength when i was weak,
you were my voice when i couldn't speak,
you were my eyes when i couldn't see,
you saw the best there was in me,,
lifted me up when i couldn't reach,,
you gave me faith 'cause you believed,,
i'm every thing iam, because you loved me,,
you gave me wings and made me fly,,
you touched my hand , i could touch the sky,,
i lost my faith, you gave it back to me,,
you said no star was out of reach,,
you stood by me, and i stood tall,,
i had your love, i had it all,,
i'm grateful for each days you gave me,,
maybe , i don't know that much,,
but i know that much is true,,
i was blessed , because i was loved by you,,
you were always there for me,,
the tender wind that carried me,,
a light in the dark shining your love into my life,,
you have been my inspiration,,
through the lies , you were the truth,,
my world is a better place,, because you loved me,,,

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

I have Hurt Myself By Hurting You.

I Love You

Seems like it was yesterday , when i saw your face .
you told me ; how proud you were , but i walked away .
If only i know what i know today .,
i would hold you in my arms , i would take the pain away .
Thank ‏you for all you've done , forgive all your mistakes .
there's nothing i wouldn't do , to hear your voice again .

Sometimes , i want to call you , but i know you won't be there ,
Ooh , i'm sorry for blaming you for everything i just couldn't do .,
And i've hurt myself by hurting you ...

Sometimes , i feel broke inside , but i will not admit .
Sometimes , i just want to hide , 'cause it's you i miss ..
Would you tell me i was wrong ?!
Would you help me understand ?!
Are you looking down upon me ?!
Are you proud of who i'm ?!
there's nothing i wouldn't do , to have just one more chance .
to look into your eyes , and see you looking back ...

If i had just one more day , i would tell you how much that i've missed you since you've been away ..
Ooh , ‏it's dangerous .. so out of live ,, to try and trun back time ...,

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

What Love Is....????

What love Is....????

What Love Is....????

Some say , love it's a river,,
that drowns the tender reed ,,
Some say , love it's a razor ,,
that leaves your soul to bleed ,
Some say , love it's a hunger ,,
an endless aching need ...
I say love , it's a flower ,,
and you it's only seed ,,
it's the heart a fraid of breathing ,,
that never learns to dance ,,
It's the dream a fraid of waking ,,
that never takes the chance ,,
It's the one who won't be taken, and cannot seem to give,,
and the soul a fraid of dying ,,
that never learns to live ,,
When the night has been too lonly ,,
and the roads has been too long ,,
and you think that love is only for the luckly and the strong,,
just remember in the winter ,,
far beneath the bitter snow ,,
lies the seed that with the sun 's love ..
in the spring .. becomes the rose.

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When I Look at You .....

when i look at you .

everybody needs inspiration .,
everybody needs a song .,
a beautiful melody , when the nights are long .,
learn how to feel love ...

when my world is falling apart ,
when there's no light to break up the dark ,
that's when i look at you ..
when the waves are flooding the shore ,
and i can't find my way home anymore ,
that's when i look at you ..

when i look at you ,,
i see forgiveness , i see the truth .,
you love me for who i'am ;
like the stars hold the moon ,
right there where they are .,
and i know i'm not alone ..

you appear just like a dream ,
just like kaleidoscope color that cover me ,
all i need to live with you every breath ,
with you , i knew the mean of life ,
with you , i knew the mean of love ,
with you , i knew the mean of warm ,
that's when i look at you ..

Friday, April 8, 2011

Life is Unfair But Don't feel Alone I am always with you To make you smile.

 As you know life is unfair
 so what???? if life is unfair?
 Cryng is not solution .Don't Cry
 Don't feel lonely
 You Can feel I am Always Around you
 You can heal on me, Let me give you a hug
 Listen to me my dearest
 My Heart Always beat with ur heart beats we are two bodies but a single soul.
 I can't see tears coming out from your beautiful eyes.. so please don't cry
 Smile always as u look the most beautiful girl in world when you are smiling
 Time is not same always happines and sadnes is written in our luck if today you are sad for sure tomorrow happines is waiting for you.
 If today is night of sorrow in your life
 There wil be a morning of happines soon
 Time never stops .... So wait for good times.
 There wil be joy in your life that you will enjoy your days and nights.
 So always Be Strong
 Be a Strong girl
 Be Brave my dearest...as you are a Ideal Personality always
 I am with you to share your happy moments and sad moments always
 Call me when ever you feel alone i wil be beside you. I PROMISE.
 I wil walk with you holding your hands
 As i promise you that i am with u always
 Believe me there wil be no miracle but you must try to find happines on ur own
 Look into my eyes how much care and love i have for you
 And i wana see u a strong women in future
 So Sweet Heart Life is Beautiful look it with my eyes as i look my world is nice when you are with me
Let me give you a kiss with love and passion
All i am doing is only to make u smile so please don't forget to smile!!!

As i look into your eyes

As i look into your eyes , i see all the reasons why ,
my life's worth a thousand skies ,
you're the simplest love i've known , and the purest one i'll own ,
know you'll never be alone ,
.. My baby , you're the reason i could fly ,
and 'cause of you , i don't have to wonder why ,
.. Baby you , there's no more just getting by ,
you're the reason i feel a life ,
though these words i say are true , they still fail to capture you ,
as mere words can only do ,
how do i explain that smile ,
and how it turns my world around ,
keeping my feet on the ground ,
i will catch you if you fall ,
i will be right there if you call ,
you're my greatest love of all ,

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 always smiling
 always together

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