Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tears I Cry. Best Poetry And Images Collection Of Crying Eyes.

Crying Eyes. Tears I Cry

THE TEARS I CRY. ( life in mortality )
In my own tears, have I immersed myself,
Tears from m heart, my soul have I baptize in pain,
In its turbulence, a river finds comfort in the harmony of its waters,
But in m struggles, my heart is broken,
With every rising of the sun, my hope is crucified.

I desire not to see the morning coming,
A day in the sun, I long not for its rising,
My faith I doubt, I seek my depature from the womb of time,
For my moments always has been, but with tears,
Life is an experience of itself, this has been mine,

Oh! Mother nature, the womb that bore all creation,
Define my end, for my beginning has been blurred,
Measure the heights of my rising, I am the bottom of this deep,
The moon have I seen at night, the sun, on its rising,
But my end cometh with nothing, but the sorrows of a broken heart,

Darkness will I worship, it has been mine suitable companion,
The black shadows, I fear not, we've been together since I begun,
The voice of the whispering night has been the sound I gave my ear to,
More are my struggles in mortalityy, I long to ascend on high,
The experience of life has been, but vexatious to my soul. 
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