Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tears I Cry. Best Poetry And Images Collection Of Crying Eyes.

Crying Eyes. Tears I Cry

THE TEARS I CRY. ( life in mortality )
In my own tears, have I immersed myself,
Tears from m heart, my soul have I baptize in pain,
In its turbulence, a river finds comfort in the harmony of its waters,
But in m struggles, my heart is broken,
With every rising of the sun, my hope is crucified.

I desire not to see the morning coming,
A day in the sun, I long not for its rising,
My faith I doubt, I seek my depature from the womb of time,
For my moments always has been, but with tears,
Life is an experience of itself, this has been mine,

Oh! Mother nature, the womb that bore all creation,
Define my end, for my beginning has been blurred,
Measure the heights of my rising, I am the bottom of this deep,
The moon have I seen at night, the sun, on its rising,
But my end cometh with nothing, but the sorrows of a broken heart,

Darkness will I worship, it has been mine suitable companion,
The black shadows, I fear not, we've been together since I begun,
The voice of the whispering night has been the sound I gave my ear to,
More are my struggles in mortalityy, I long to ascend on high,
The experience of life has been, but vexatious to my soul. 
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 Sad Face Of Girl Crying Eye
 Crying Eye Emo Girl Images
 Sad Girl Crying
 Tears In Eyes. Crying Eye Best Collection
 Tears I Cry. Sad Images
 Crying Girl, Sad Girl In Love Crying.
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Soul Of A Poet

O Love, how do I bring you
O Love, how do I bring you
O Love, how do I give you love,
The heart of a lion,
And the soul of a poet?

O Love, how do I make you an
O Love, how do I make you an
O Love, how do I make you an
The mouth of a dragon,
And the soul of a poet?

O Love, how do I bring you
O Love, how do I bring you
O Love, how do I bring you cares,
The wing of an eagle,
And the soul of a poet?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Why ??? A Poem For Dad On His Death

Why do I cry when I know he's in no more pain?
I cry because I wish I could of stopped his pain
and made him better.
Why do I cry when I know he's at peace in Heaven?
I cry because I felt helpless, there was nothing I could do
but stand by him and try to comfort him.
Why do I cry when I know he's lived a full life?
I cry because I think of what memories could of been
in the days and years ahead.
Why do I cry when I think of the times we've had together?
I cry because I LOVE this MAN and I MISS him oooh sooo much,
I cry because he is my DAD!!!
DAD, watch over me through the rest of my life and when my life
is through I will again be with you!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Dedicated To My Dad. Son And Dad Best Images

 Son and Dad
 Son And DAD
 son And DAD

I knw ur dere smwhere
Along wid da stars,mayb
I always feel ur presence
No matter whre i b
I still hear u callin me
whn i stand in da breeze
i still c u smilimg at me
Whenever u were teased

A lot of thngs left unsaid
A lot of stories 2 hear
I wana hear them again frm u
Which usd 2 tke away al ma fears

I miss al da golden days
That i spent wid u
Sorry,i cudn't say it b4
I always will love u..

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Broken Heart Quotes, Poems And Ever Best Broken Heart Image Collection

Captivated by the honest lies
of our fair fouled fantasies,
the sound seas
ease away the aches
of the roaring ocean
with the silent screams
that wake the wild dreams
of reality,
when beautiful nightmares
kiss away the tormenting horrour
of this dark cage of the night
filled with the black clouds of humour,
sad rage of anger
raves the heart that heats in vain
for time heals no pain.
Lost in the storm
of heavy heart-felt tears
river banks of agony
never run dry
for each tear drop
dimes the riches
of the myth that
leads a heart in love
'happily ever after'
the dream that forever wakes
to die and never lives long.
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Love You Images for Face Book

 I love YoU
I loVe YoU

I Am African

 I am the sad story written in the palms of my son,

I am the tears of agony flowing the face of my mother,
I am the pain of labour, itching the back of my father,
I am the art of mind that has shaped their world to beauty,
I am the story of slavery and injustice of democracy,
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