Monday, April 20, 2015

Living Without A Dream Is Like Living With No Soul

All too often I hear people admitting that they feel like they're lacking direction. Unsure about themselves, they have little to no idea what they should do with their lives. As crazy as it sounds, they aren't even sure about what they want, like there's some mask or mystery that hides their own true wants and needs.

Telling yourself "I'm not the kind of person who sets goals" is like chaining your heart in a cage and resigning yourself to mediocrity prison for life. Setting goals and wanting good things to happen in your life is fuel for your joy and happiness. Let's shake off the stigma and just go for it. Not sure what you want? See two paragraphs above, and below.

Not sure what makes you feel amazing? Uh oh. Looks like we have a bit of work to do. But don't worry my Zen-warrior-in-training, have a little faith. The inspiration, energy and passion is 100 percent there, and we can tempt it out again slowly. Just don't shut down your ideas and goals before you've even begun. Make like a kid again and give yourself permission to dream.

So what can we do about this? How can we shift from feeling like we don't know what we want, to knowing? How can we go from being unsure of ourselves to having a real sense of meaning and purpose? How can we become our own source of inspiration and generate happiness that comes from within us, rather than having to turn to something external like our partner, our bank account, or the weather, to make us feel happy and excited?
One of the best ways to do this is to simply tap into our desires, then dream beautiful dreams and set inspiring goals that fulfill our deepest desires. Then of course, we must take action to help make our dreams and goals happen.
But let's not just set goals that we think we should set. Instead, let's consider what is going to totally rock your world. What is going to make you feel seriously amazing? Let's start with the FEELING, and then get DREAMING.
If you consider yourself a practical person and think it's too airy fairy to be a dreamer, no problem. We can just rephrase it. Instead of dreaming, let's just set some goals that you would love to make happen and that will make you feel amazing.
Don't like the concept of setting goals? I suggest you make like Snoop Dogg and drop this limiting thought pattern like its smoking hot. There is nothing wrong with wanting things for yourself, and for others. If you consider yourself a free spirit, that's great. Me too! But is there any harm in choosing a direction for your life to head towards? Absolutely not. We can be a free sprit and set goals -- the two aren't mutually exclusive. There is nothing cold, corporate, or materialistic about it and you won't become a jerk just by deciding to set goals (and going after them like a bull at a gate).

Scared to set a goal because you might not get it? Sitting on the couch your whole life sure isn't going to make your heart sing. Time to be prepared to dare to fail at something. This one is so important I'm going to CAP it out so it's super clear. IT IS NO BIG DEAL IF YOU DON'T HIT YOUR GOAL. EVER. All that matters is that you can you want something with all your heart.
It is the wanting, dreaming, striving, and chasing, that makes life worth living. Otherwise known as, THE JOURNEY.
Just in case you think your dreams are too stupid, crazy, unrealistic or whatever other judgement you might impose upon yourself, here are 20 of my current aspirations and goals below. Some of them are attitudes to live by. Some of them are cheesy, others are ridiculous. None of that matters. Just want want ever you want. And don't justify it anyone.
Some of my GOALS AND DREAMS (in no particular order)
To live and love fearlessly, always.
Become a best selling author on enlightened living. 
Do Hajj & Memorise Complete Quran.
Learn to surf. Surf barrels in Indonesia, France, and around the world. 
Have a role in a Hollywood action movie. 
Cycle across a country. 
Do Warrior Horseback training in Mongolia.
Own a big, welcoming, beautiful home by the ocean, with a gorgeous flower and veggie garden. 
Become a Famous Writer 
Start a forgiveness revolution and teach 1000+ people how to forgive. 
Live in Paris for three months. 
Help as many people as I can to achieve their dreams and goals.
Do a backflip on beam (a gymnastics trick I haven't done since I was 14 years old).
Swim with a whale shark. 
Bring love, peace and joy to the world, every single day.
Ok enough from me -- what about you?
What's just ONE dream or goal that you would like to make happen in your life?
Write it up in the comments below and remember, no dream or goal is too small or too big!

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