Sunday, April 10, 2011

I have Hurt Myself By Hurting You.

I Love You

Seems like it was yesterday , when i saw your face .
you told me ; how proud you were , but i walked away .
If only i know what i know today .,
i would hold you in my arms , i would take the pain away .
Thank ‏you for all you've done , forgive all your mistakes .
there's nothing i wouldn't do , to hear your voice again .

Sometimes , i want to call you , but i know you won't be there ,
Ooh , i'm sorry for blaming you for everything i just couldn't do .,
And i've hurt myself by hurting you ...

Sometimes , i feel broke inside , but i will not admit .
Sometimes , i just want to hide , 'cause it's you i miss ..
Would you tell me i was wrong ?!
Would you help me understand ?!
Are you looking down upon me ?!
Are you proud of who i'm ?!
there's nothing i wouldn't do , to have just one more chance .
to look into your eyes , and see you looking back ...

If i had just one more day , i would tell you how much that i've missed you since you've been away ..
Ooh , ‏it's dangerous .. so out of live ,, to try and trun back time ...,

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